Many people still know me as Taren Guy however, over the past year of experiencing tremendous change and evolution, my name has now ascended to Auset NTRU Gaia. I've been naturally drawn to the wonders of spiritual healing for over 10 years. I truly believe that what manifests physically is secondary and is a result of where we currently stand spiritually and emotionally.  

We have the ability to heal ourselves and others by simply paying close attention to our thoughts and actions, allowing this awareness to bring us deep to the root of virtually anything.

My mission is to help guide and inspire others to expand their minds and nurture their spirits, as they acknowledge their own power from within. 

As a Certified Reiki Master and Spiritual Guide, I currently teach virtual and "in person workshops throughout the year on freeing the mind, body and soul through self healing. I also offer one on one Intuitive Guidance for those who are in need of intuitive advice and clarity in various areas of life. Divinity tools such as Oracle Cards and Crystals are used for divine guidance as I channel Higher Self. This is an intuitive flow that comes from Higher Self to offer healing and spiritual insight to specific areas and situations in your life.

Availability: Sundays 5-10pm EST (The booking tool is synced with your Time Zone, so no worries!)

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Balance & Healing Reiki consists of overall balancing of the chakras clearing away mental, emotional & spiritual blockages. Highly recommended as a 1st attunement if you've never had a reiki session. Reiki (Universal Life Energy) is healing energy that can be distributed across long distances, as long as it's called in by the client. It just as effective as most ‘hands on’ treatments and the results can often be instantaneous.

I am humbled in my purpose and am grateful to be of service to others in such an expansive way. 

  • Certified Usui Reiki Master 

  • Spiritual Counselor 

  • Crystal & Chakra Healing